Part 4: Where’s the Proof?

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

Basically everything we’ve said so far would be pointless without the proof, right? We’ve reached out to a variety of our clients and talent agencies to get first hand accounts on our company from both sides of the playing field.

“Quite simply the best firm I have ever worked with. Gil and his staff have transformed NEBRASKAland DAYS in two short years by presenting options we didn’t know were within our reach. What seemed out of reach to us not long ago now seems possible.” – David Fudge, NEBRASKAland Days

“Creative, innovative and leader in live entertainment.” -Barry Jeffrey, William Morris Endeavor

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

“As a small organization in South Dakota I am relatively certain we are one of Neste Event Marketing’s smaller clients. From the very beginning of our relationship, Gil has showed us the utmost respect and attentiveness. The fact that we are treated with the same importance as any of their other clients is the reason we have stayed with Gil and Neste Entertainment for the past 12 years.” – George Milos, Executive Director, Deadwood Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

“I have known Gil Cunningham for the past two decades; plus.  Early in his career, he worked for, and learned from one of my hero’s Don Romeo at The Romeo Agency. I believe it was that early experience that gave him the knowledge, and insight to greatly advance his career in the entertainment business. There are only a hand full of truly devoted and fully knowledgeable anchors in this business. Going a step further, he has instilled these same principals to his staff. His company, Neste Event Marketing, and his associates are always a pleasure to work with. One thing I sincerely appreciate is the honesty, and integrity from his organization. Their word is gold, and the dates are clean, and trouble free. It makes the artist, their road crews, and the agents job much easier, and they can depend upon the stability and reliability of quality engagements.” -Rob Battle, Battle Artist Agency

“The Atwood Music Festival has worked with Neste Event Marketing since 2009. Since teaming up with the talented staff at Neste Event Marketing, our festival has been able to secure high-quality entertainment bringing in record numbers of music fans. The Neste staff has also given us invaluable information on every aspect of putting a festival together, helping us continue our success year after year.” – Cindy Carr Williamson, Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce

“I have known and worked with Gil Cunningham for over 25 years.  In that time, I have come to count on his company’s straight forward and honest dealings in a manner which makes one feel like a friend first as well as a business associate.  His word is his bond and in this business, that’s everything.  His staff, or “Gil’s Angels”, as I call them, also reflect his mantra of professionalism with that friendly touch.  A great organization all around.” -Howie Silverman, Paradise Artists

Hopefully these tell-tale accounts secured the veracity of Parts 1 – 3. Stay tuned for our last blog in the series next week: Can We Talk?


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