Elevate A Finalist In The Arizona Innovation Challenge

Dierks Bentley stage shot - Oregon Jamboree 2012

Certain companies are born out of innovation and continue to strive to be the best-of-the-best. Elevate has proven time and time again they’re not only a leader in innovation, but also a leader in the industry.

The Arizona Commerce Authority holds the Arizona Innovation Challenge twice a year, and Spring 2013’s finalists have just been announced. Ten entrepreneurs and start-ups were selected from the original 185 applicants to make up the finals in the competition.


One of the companies chosen is Gingerbread Shed which runs Elevate, a music festival ticketing, marketing and service provider.

Up against companies specializing in cancer research, surveillance protection from high-value assets and surgical robotic technologies, Elevate stands out as an innovative leader amongst some of the most proficient fields.

The winners will be announced June 11th in Tempe, Arizona. With $100,000 – $250,000 winnings at stake, Elevate’s recognition in the finals is a huge feat.

Congratulations to the whole team!


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