Part 2: What Makes Us Special

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

When building an event there are multiple talent booking options out there, from in-house to an agency who you choose to book your talent can completely change the outcome of your event. Neste Event Marketing is unique in many ways, below are the five biggest approaches we use to set ourselves apart from the crowd.

First and foremost, we’re based in Nashville. We have the ability to have personal, face-to-face interactions on a daily basis with agents, managers and up-and-coming acts. Plainly put, we network on a daily basis. This gives us the upper hand on all of the latest information and happenings in the industry.

Second, our office has over 30 years experience in the entertainment business. This diverse background lets us see things on both sides of the fence: managing and running events and buying the talent.

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

Photo credit: Rick Diamond

Third, while we pride ourselves on being one-of-a-kind, it’s our industry awards and honors that prove this to be true. Neste Event Marketing President, Gil Cunningham, was one of fifty-four professionals in the industry to be chosen to participate in 2010’s Leadership Music class. In 2008 Gil was deemed “Entertainment Buyer of the Year” from International Entertainment Buyers Association and given his second ACM award for “Don Romeo Talent Buyer of the Year.” He has received three other IEBA awards, two for “Talent Buyer of the Year” and one for “Event Producer of the Year.” Vice-President of Marketing, Liz Cunningham, received 2007’s “President’s Award” from the International Talent Buyers Association.

Fourth, our firm enables consistency. Our clients notice that year after year every time they call, the same people are on the other end of the line. Both of Neste’s Entertainment Producers, Nicole More and Nina Gambill, have been at the company for over 5 years and began their entertainment industry careers here.

Lastly, while we are a talent buying company, we also specialize in marketing, sponsorship and special events. This wide range of specialties gives us knowledge in each corner of the event world.

Your line-up can make or break your festival which is why it’s important to be selective in choosing a talent buyer. Once you’ve determined the company’s background and specialties, the next step is to figure out why you should buy from them.


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