Spotify Aims to Discover

Photo credit: Mumford & Sons

Photo credit: Mumford & Sons

Following suit of other forms of entertainment–books, movies, TV shows–music has become very popular in the streaming world. One of the most popular streaming outlets, Spotify, is undergoing a makeover to stay competitive in the market.

With the additions of the new “Discover” and “Follow” tabs, Spotify now aims to help people discover new songs and follow artists of their choosing.

Of course, as with anything, there are pros and cons to the increase in popularity of this service. While it is free to listen to their 15 million plus song selection, consumers can choose to pay $5 per month to eliminate ads and $10 per month to stream on their mobile devices. Many people are fearful that this new makeover will further take away iTunes popularity and dilute spending in the industry. However, Spotify claims that with the amount of consumers paying per month they are actually giving more money to the music industry than iTunes.

With these new discover services, be prepared to see some fresh new faces quickly gain traction. And as talent buyers, we need to keep an eye out. Fans can now recommend a free listen to all other Spotify users which will without a doubt help new artists gain exposure. More importantly, now that Billboard is including Spotify streams in the Hot Country Songs chart, this could help push newer artists up to the top.

However, the downfall may be whether or not more established artists should be included. Big Machine is refusing to give permission to stream Taylor Swift’s new music saying that we should learn something from the movie business. On the other hand, Mumford & Sons’ recent release, Babel, had an overwhelming stream count of 8 million in the first week and still sold 600,000 that week alone.

While we may not know how much Spotify will affect new music, we do know that an increase in streams will help push songs up the Hot Country Songs chart on Billboard. For new artists, this could be a way to convince people to buy your music; by giving them a chance to try it first.



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