From the Stage to the Screen

Free Music Country Concert on Youtube

Photo credit: Andrea Anderson

Music festivals are extremely popular and by the end of the year some of the biggest names in music will have performed on stage at one of the many music festivals across the country.

However, with increasing popularity comes increasing options for fans. An innovative way a festival can attract a wide audience, bands and advertising partners is to live-stream the performances from year-to-year.

As in everything, there are pros and cons. For one, it gets people talking. Someone across the country, or overseas, could tune into a live-stream and immediately start sharing with their friends about an amazing performance they saw. An example of this would be Tupac’s hologram showing up at Coachella and people around the world tuning in and talking about the resurrection.

Another pro is that the number of sponsors and ad revenue could potentially grow. Some of the biggest festivals report that live-stream views have reached the high millions. This is even more of an incentive for advertisers and sponsors to get involved; the more eyes, the more benefit to them.

It’s important to note that streaming performances is not a substitute to attending the actual festival. On one

Free Music Country Concert on Youtube

Photo credit: Rick Diamond/WireImage

side this may be a way to encourage first-timers to attend next year’s event. On the other hand, to ensure that this is not used as a substitute, some of the big headliners may be excluded in the stream.

This also does not threaten attendance numbers. Many festivals that have made it a tradition to live-stream the show have seen increasing numbers, selling out weekend passes within hours of the lineup announcement.

The biggest con is that some artists are weary about streaming their performances for all to see. However, as this becomes more and more popular, with Jay-Z, The Black Keys, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and more participating, most acts will have to jump on board to keep up.

It’s a digital world and with change comes promise. This may very well be the future of the festival.


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