Hop on the Night Train with Jason Aldean and 409,000 Others

Jason Aldean on the Night Train

Photo credit: JasonAldean.com

“People don’t buy albums anymore,” is a commonly echoed phrase whenever the music industry is brought up. There are so many other outlets–streaming, digital singles–why would they? An example of this outbreak of thinking is Billboard changing their chart methodology to reflect streaming and digital sales in addition to radio spins.

Despite all of this chatter, facts are facts: people still buy country music albums . . . and lots of them. Jason Aldean is proof of this with his Night Train selling 409,000 in its first week.

Aldean’s biggest debut up to this point came in 2010 when his My Kinda Party release reached 194,000 copies in the first week; a small number compared to this year’s sudden jump.

This is just one of many reasons why country music gets bigger and bigger each year. The genre with the most award shows–CMA, ACM, ACA, CMT–and artist’s selling out stadiums across the country–Aldean just announced 3 stadium dates set for 2013–seems to be going against the grain of the “people don’t buy music” thinking.

Just a quick glance at the top of the Billboard 200 and you’ll notice three of the top five spots are country albums–Jason Aldean, Scotty McCreery and Jamey Johnson’s new releases–and country isn’t letting go of the top spots anytime soon with Taylor Swift’s Red released on Monday.

You can catch Jason Aldean perform at next year’s Country Stampede in June, which Neste had the pleasure of booking.

It seems to be a mystery that people still buy albums, always posing the question: who are they? Well, they’re country music fans and they’re here to stay.

Jason Aldean gave fans free song music on the Night Train

Photo credit: Broken Bow Records


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