Let the Booking Begin!

It’s the start of another festival and fair booking season and as usual, each year we as talent buyers face great challenges obtaining the right talent line-up for our events.  Information is our most valuable tool as we sort through all available options.  Ever wonder how fairs and festivals choose their artists?

Photo credit: Terry Pederson

There are many aspects to consider during the booking process, such as:

  • Who has a new record out?
  • Who has been nominated for an industry award?
  • Who is getting radio airplay?
  • Who routes with our clients?
  • Who is committed to a 2013 tour?

These and many other questions need to be answered in order to make the best choice for the event.

Once the choice has been made and an offer has been submitted for an artist, the agents must sift through all the offers and work with the artist manager to decide which offer is the most beneficial to the artist….and it’s not always about money.  Many times radio exposure in the market takes precedent or having the opportunity to be on stage with a major musical influence is the deciding factor.  Again, these are good things to know when pursuing an artist for an event.


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